Bradford on Avon to Seend Cleeve 9.1 mls Ascent 453ft, Miles so far 288.8   4 comments

Lovely B&B last night, again, a huge Grade II listed Georgian town house and even bigger garden, which she was most insistent that we walked through on our way out. It’s a strange thing, all the B&Bs have been much larger than our house at home and I would imagine along with this, all the proprietors are better off than we are, and yet they make our beds, cook our breakfasts and clean up after us. It feels as though it should be the other way around really and I sometimes wonder how  they feel about waiting on us like that.

A big thing for me with this B&B was that they served up bread from Hobbs House bakery and I’ve been wanting to try some bread from this bakery ever since I read about them in the Sunday Telegraph a couple of years ago. They do sell it over the internet but it costs about £25 for 4 or 5 sample loaves which seems a touch extortionate. Even better was the fact that the lady at the B&B made her own jams, chutneys, marmalade and honey so it was the chance for the perfect accompaniment. Was it worth waiting 2 years for ? I’m not sure and I think we may have to pick some more up from one of their outlets on the way home to give it another try 🙂

It was a colder day today and the BBC forecast got it about spot on. Along the Kennet & Avon canal again but I don’t think it was as interesting as yesterday, a little straighter and less boats to ogle at. It was interesting that it was a 9 mile walk and we both now class this as ‘a short one’ whereas before we started Helen would have said it was a long one and would have needed to be kitted out for two coffee stops and lunch. As it was, just the one coffee stop and all of a sudden we were in Seend Cleeve. Had time in Cleeve for a quick half and a bag of crisps before catching a bus back to Trowbridge and then a train to Bradford and still arrived in Bradford for 16:00 to give us a chance to have  a quick look around the town. It is a lovely little town but suffers a lot from tiny little streets and far too much traffic which is a pity.

The most photographed tea shop in the UK, apparently

Looking at Bradford on Avon from the bridge

Tithe Barn in Bradford

Walking along the Kennet & Avon



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4 responses to “Bradford on Avon to Seend Cleeve 9.1 mls Ascent 453ft, Miles so far 288.8

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  1. Well the walking helps a bit too when the ground starts to level out, it gets flatter now as you approach Southampton and the weather should be getting better now as the weekend approaches, happy walking!

  2. The pub theme continues lol


  3. so imprerssed with what you are doing and envious! crack on.

    graham chester ramblers.

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