Broughton to Romsey 13.3mls Ascent 730ft, Miles so far 361.8   2 comments

Broughton - Romsey

Our penultimate walk today and it couldn’t have been a better start to the day with the smell of freshly cooked bread wafting up the B&B stairs and bright sunshine streaming through the windows. A lovely path from Broughton took us along the Monarch’s way and Clarendon Way until we met the Test Way and turned South, initially  following the old Sprat and Winkle railway, then onto footpaths down towards Romsey in the Test Valley.

Just before we turned onto the Test Way we met up with the River Test which is actually split up into half a dozen different tributaries at this stage with various footbridges and picnic areas dotted around them. It was a lovely tree lined route and it was good to see quite a few walkers, cyclists and runners utilising it. We followed the Test Way down to NT’s Mottisford Abbey and once again felt we ought to take advantage of our membership and spend a few pounds in their cafe. Easier said than done for pedestrians as the National Trust were determined to send us around and down the main driveway which would have added 2 miles to our walk ! We didn’t fancy this at all so put on our innocent faces and sneaked in the staff entrance. Thought our chances were dashed when we came across a door with a security keypad on it and were about to turn back when I thought ‘I’ll just try it’ and lo and behold it just opened at a push 🙂 leading us straight through into the grounds and almost next to the all important cafe. I believe there’s an abbey of some sort here as well but that didn’t come anywhere near as high on the ‘visit’ list.

Carried on with full(er) bellies and encountered our first problem in the whole 6 weeks with some super frisky bullocks in one of our fields forcing us to make a rather bramble infested detour and then through some Mangrove style swamps before walking into Romsey just ahead of an approaching thunderstorm.

We are having 2 days off in Romsey now and the final walk into Southampton will be on Monday.

Speckled Wood butterfly spotted en-route


First view of the River Test


The lovely Test Way

Looking along the Sprat & Winkle railway


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2 responses to “Broughton to Romsey 13.3mls Ascent 730ft, Miles so far 361.8

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  1. Ah, forever closer!

  2. Oh dear – more bullocks!!! Remember Scotland and our shortcut (or weren’t you there when we were chased by the female bovines?!!!!). Ooh!! Hope you weren’t caught on security camera sneaking in through the tradesman’s entrance!!!

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