Seend Cleeve to Westbury 11 miles, Ascent 392ft, Miles so far 299.8   1 comment

Seend Cleeve - Westbury

So near and yet so far… only .2 miles to the 300 milestone and I think today Helen was feeling all 299.8 of them. It was a poor start to the day when we woke up with it being freezing cold and raining buckets. Luckily the raining buckets didn’t last too long but it still meant we had to start off all togged up with warm clothes and a full layer of waterproofs.

Only realised this morning that we had left Gloucestershire and we are now in Wiltshire, full of people with quite strong sounding Somerset accents, strangely enough. Most of our day was spent walking on the White Horse Way, still on the relative flat but mostly through fields including, of course, the odd one or two where the farmer had ploughed over the path and planted crops leaving no trace of the said path whatsoever. We passed some very nice villages along route and Steeple Ashton is probably worth a special mention if only for the fact that it has a completely over the top church for the size of the village along with ‘Wiltshire Life’s’ Village shop of the Year for 2011, where I managed to purchase a couple of very nice ‘mini pasties’ (made on the premises) for my lunch.

We found out why it was called the White Horse Way a couple of miles out from our finishing place for the night, a very quiet Westbury. In case you didn’t realise yourself, the picture below hopefully explains all 🙂 (Heard from the taxi driver that this one at least, is due to be re-whitened and floodlit for the Queens jubilee later this year).

The White Horse Way beckons

Steeple Ashton main street

Very ornate church for the size of the village

One of the eight White Horses on the White Horse Way



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  1. Nearly 300 miles up!

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