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As I mentioned yesterday,we see reaching Bath as a bit of a milestone so before we left Farndon I had planned a special day for today and we had a 4 hour session in the Thermae baths. The only natural thermal spa baths in Britain.

Wasn’t quite as relaxing as the pictures on their website because there wasn’t just the two of us like it shows on the pictures (I’ve mentioned this before but haven’t all these people got work to go to on a Monday 🙂 ? ). However it was still a great way to spend half a day, even though after the first 10 mins we were thinking ‘erm, what do we do for the next 3 hrs and 50 mins’ It was surprising how soon we started just relaxing into it and how easy it became to just let time pass us by. I think we both preferred the outside pool on the roof where the water was just at the perfect temperature and a real contrast to the air around it.

Amazingly they don’t have to heat the water at all to get it this hot, quite the reverse actually as it originally comes to the surface at 44.5 degrees and has to be cooled to the optimum 33.5 degrees that suits us humans.

As for Bath itself well what a grand place it is, absolutely full of coffee shops, art galleries, museums, independent shops, alleyways, more coffee shops, cafes, art centres, riverside views, parks, etc, etc. I really wish I had factored in another day or two here as there was no way we could do it justice in one day. A definite cert for a re-visit in the future for maybe a week even.

The Royal Crescent

Palladian Pulteney Bridge

The Jazz Cafe


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  1. Ah here it is, thank you!

  2. PS Hope you went to Sally Lunn’s for coffee and cake/bun!

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