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We’ve both had different experiences on this walk and seen different things and thought different thoughts so we’ve individually listed a few of these things below just to bring the blog to it’s close :-).

First and foremost a big thanks to everyone who’s supported and encouraged us both along the way. I’ve been constantly amazed at the amount of people who have taken an interest and commented and supported us in various ways throughout the duration of the walk. The comments have made a huge difference to our enjoyment and kept our spirits up if ever they started flagging at all and knowing that people have been reading and even occasionally enjoying the blog has made it a real enjoyment to write each night, (even though, much to Helen’s annoyance, it’s sometimes kept me up much later than it should have done). Apologies if didn’t answer all the comments by the way, I would never had had time for the walking if I had.

While we are on the thanks bit, I should also add a big thanks to all the B&Bs who let us into their homes and treated us as very welcome guests. Almost without fail each one said they thought our walk was a wonderful thing to do and I think quite a few were truly envious that we had the chance.

And of course thanks to Ian and Sue in Southampton for being such good friends over the last 40 years

Some things that amazed me, some that surprised me and some that simply caused me to smile:

The way each county is different, almost noticeable as soon as you go over the border. The amount of greenery and countryside that still exists in England (and of course Wales and Scotland), I would say 90% of our walk was in countryside. The fact that walking seems to make my eyebrows grow bushy. The friendliness of everyone we met. The weather for March, probably the best tan I’ve had in years. The ever increasing size of the arable fields as we got further South, sometimes we would walk along the same field for over 20mins. The fact that Helen was only expecting to complete approx half the walk but ended up doing as good as the whole thing. The fact that I suffered no problems at all apart from the odd twinge from my left knee that I somehow managed to twist on the very first day as we were going over all the stiles. The dung heaps, especially the ones that had ‘self ignited’, now there’s an ambition for my compost bin.

Some things I never managed to get in the blog:

I somehow never managed to mention that when we took my Mother out into the country she used to look around at all the greenery and fields and say ‘ I don’t know what all the fuss is about, there’s no end of space left in this country to build houses and suchlike”

On arrival at the B&Bs the first thing we used to do was fight over all the electric sockets (because there were never enough) and go about plugging in all our various bits of technology to recharge all the batteries. What with 2 phones, a netbook, a laptop, the kindle, the GPS, the camera and the MP3 player each having their own chargers and their own multicoloured charging lights we definitely never needed a nightlight to see our way around the room in the dark.

We’ve both learnt that most farmers don’t deserve the poor reputation that they have where the countryside is concerned (even though some do insist on ploughing over our paths). If it wasn’t for them and the incredibly hard work and long hours they dedicate to their jobs, through all weathers and seasons, we almost certainly wouldn’t have the lovely countryside that we do have.

Now, the big question……. Has it changed my life ? No, of course not, although I think every experience, good and bad, changes your life just a smidgen :-).

Can’t wait to get home now and go through all that post. I luuuurve going through all the post after 2 weeks away, 6 weeks will be a real treat.

And, of course, if you’ve enjoyed our blog then please feel free to visit our ‘Just Giving‘ page and make a small donation to Nightingale House Hospice

Final resting place for the boots 🙂


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  1. ‘Final resting place for the boots’ I don’t think so! ….I think they’ve got a few more miles left in them yet! 😉

  2. God don’t you go on!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Ahh, thanks Derek! You’ve made me blush!! I think your boots have a few more miles left in them yet too!! Not ready for hanging up just yet!! We have had a fantastic week – the rain has dampened it a little though (but not too much!). Not a lot of walking more like little rambles, although Helen did try to give it a go on a small bit of the Test Way by Salmon Leap but the gang didn’t show too much willing on that little venture and the walk was ended after around 5 mins as the rain started to come down again! (I am sure your poor little feet have not missed out!) We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and I wish I was retired so I could have done the walk too!! Thank you for being such good friends too over the years and thank you for choosing our house as your “finish line”!!

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