Hereford 0 miles Ascent 0 (well we did go up a couple of escalators)   1 comment

Bliss, a day off in Hereford, although we didn’t really do it justice as we were both rather tired after the last week or two. Spent the morning catching up on emails, battery charging, laundry, shopping etc and then drove into Hereford for the afternoon. I’ve been to Hereford before, many years ago for a football match and it was good to see that their ground is still the original ground almost slap bang in the town centre. Had a very nice lunch  with some Bulmers cider in the Courtyard arts centre (we badly need something like this in Chester) and then mooched around the town for a while before calling in the Cathedral for a look at the Mappa Mundi. However, we were about 3 minutes too late and the woman shut the door on us. Very tempted to tell her we had walked 140 miles to see this but couldn’t be bothered. If only we had set off at 09:55 on March 1st instead of 10:00. Went to the very posh Green Dragon Hotel instead and had some soothing cappuccinos in their good old fashioned lounge with seats you could sink into whilst Helen thought ‘150 miles, have I really walked all the way to Hereford ?’

Back to the Courtyard for the evening to see a film, Margin Call. It was ok but a bit ordinary for me. Brought back some memories of working for HBOS for Helen though. PS It’s Helen’s Birthday today, for the next couple of weeks at least she is a year older than me :-). Helen would like to pass on her thanks for all the cards and good wishes that she’s received.

Finished off the day with an egg foo yung and chips. Mmmmmm……….

A fellow traveller in Cathedral garden

Old House Museum

Hereford Cathedral


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  1. Ah we remember Hereford well, I seem to recall we went with you and had a wonderful lunch then too!

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