Hereford to Fownhope 8.8 mls Ascent 337 ft Miles so far: 168.2   4 comments

Hereford - Fownhope

Both feel so much better today after a day off :-). Shot off early so that we could get the 07:58 bus into Hereford and then found that we even had time for a coffee in Costa  whilst we watched Hereford waking up before our standard 09:00 start. An excellent way to start the day. Appreciated Hereford a lot more today as we walked through it on the Wye Valley Walk and I think we both walked a bit quicker and with a spring in our step. An absolutely glorious day far walking and plenty of the route was down by the river today and because we covered the ground so much quicker we were once again able to have a leisurely lunch lying back with Classic FM. Even better, when we got to Fownhope about 13:30 there were two pubs open so we could sit with a drink whilst waiting for a bus back to the campsite. Sigh, if only all walking days were like this……….





Footbridge on the River Wye leaving Hereford

River Wye at Hampton Bishop

Ivy Lamp


I had to put a picture of a JCB in the blog somewhere for our JCB followers


These boots are made for walking....


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4 responses to “Hereford to Fownhope 8.8 mls Ascent 337 ft Miles so far: 168.2

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  1. Hi D and H
    U both seem to be doing wonderfully well and do love catching up with tales and fantastic photos
    Happy birthday Helen
    Look forward to seeing ur blog in a paperback version
    Keep happy


  2. What, someone beat me to the first comment!
    Wasn’t it a wonderful day today, hopefully all the days will be like this now but somehow I doubt it, you never know though!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Helen, what a nice way to spend it, a day off in Hereford!
    Will you be going anywhere near the Forest of Dean?

  4. Oh no! A JCB – you just can’t get away from work can you?!!!!

    The ivy lampost makes a change from the knitted lampost!!!!! 🙂

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