Staunton on Wye to Hereford 13.6mls Ascent 554 ft Miles so far 159.4   1 comment

Staunton on Wye - Hereford

Last nights B&B was just ridiculous. Almost a new house but just sooo big, I can honestly say the kitchen alone was a large as our house back in Farndon. We had breakfast on a 10 seater table in the entrance hall !! Hard to understand why there is such a difference in farmers’ standard of living. We’ve come across some obviously struggling to put two pennies together and then some like last nights. Both extremes are in sheep farming so that can’t explain it. Beyond me.
It was a day of apples and churches today. As soon as we left the farm we were walking down a straight grassy mile lined with trees and pretty soon came across lovely little Monnington church, built 700 years ago and still lit by oil lamps. I bet it’s a fantastic atmosphere on Christmas Eve. From there we entered Bulmers (the cider people) apple orchards. Apple trees as far as the eye could see and they went on for miles. They had just been pruned and it was a bit surprising to see them burning all the prunings as they went along. Thought they would have found something better to do with them in this day and age. Made a mental note that it would be lovely to come back again sometime when they are in blossom, it would really be a sight to see. Stopped for an idyllic lunch in an orchard and spent it in the beautiful sunshine listening to Tchaikovsky on Classic FM.
We’ve both been caught a bit unawares with the Wye Valley Walk as we expected it to be by the River Wye most of the time but although it’s in the valley it only occasionally touches the river, although it ran alongside for the last couple of miles into Hereford. If we had looked at the maps properly of course we would have realised this 🙂
Arrived in Hereford about 17:00 after another fairly lengthy day. Both suffering from a few aches and pains so we are both looking forward to a day off in Hereford tomorrow (Tuesday)

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Lovely little bridge at the back of Monnington Church

Apple trees for as far as the eye can see

Are we there yet ?


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  1. Ah, that would be heaven for me sitting in the sun listening to Tchaikovsky, ok I am suitably jealous now, where is my Tchaikovsky CD?
    PS No I am afraid you are not here yet despite the chapel name!

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