Newcastle to Knucklas 6.1mls 982ft ascent Miles so far 97.4   2 comments

Newcastle - Knucklas

Mmmm, breakfast at the Crown Inn was to die for. Thought I would soon get sick to death of cooked breakfasts but I can safely confirm it’s not happening yet :-).

The day started off very misty and a bit chilly this morning. Although I love walking in the mist because of the still and quiet it brings with it, I’m the first to admit it doesn’t do much for the views. Only a very short walk today due to the spacing out of the places to stop and what’s more we are having a planned day off tomorrow. So many days off at the moment it’s very much like being in work :-). The mist actually started rising about 12:00 and we did catch some of the views towards the end of the walk and by the time we strolled into Knucklas it was once again bright blue skies.





Atmospheric in the mist

Just a very small village Knucklas with a pub and maybe two dozen or so houses, no Internet or phone signal whatsoever, but the big thing it does have is it’s own railway station ??? Good on them, but I can only imagine Lord Beeching missed it off his plans because nobody told him it was here.

Stopping on a CL site for a couple of nights which is basically a field with a tap so it’ll be down to earth with a bit of a bump for the next couple of days. I wonder if I could get breakfast ‘railed’ in………….

Atmospheric in the mist 2

You may notice there’s a picture of a dung heap below and this is because, although I don’t think we can see it in the picture, it was a steaming dung heap and one of the wondrous things in life as far as I’m concerned is a dung heap that steams. Just occasionally I open up one of my compost bins at home and for a couple of seconds it actually smokes. Haven’t actually got Helen to appreciate this yet but I’m working on it……….

Steaming dung, wonderful


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2 responses to “Newcastle to Knucklas 6.1mls 982ft ascent Miles so far 97.4

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  1. Almost done the first 100 miles!

  2. Good to hear that you are salivating over the steaming breakfasts but I do worry about your enthusiasm for the steaming… dungheaps! Should you see anyone about this? Great to hear that the walk is progressing well though- really enjoying my daily blog! Keep going.. Val

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