Bishops Castle to Newcastle 9.8 mls Ascent 2004. Miles so far 91.3 ft   4 comments

Bishops Castle - Newcastle

Bishops Castle - Newcastle

An absolutely glorious day today. First thing in the morning the dew was glistening on the grass just like thousands of little diamonds. (Tried to photograph it but all I got was a photo of grass :-))

Helen wasn’t looking forward to today at all as 9.5 miles and over 2000ft of ascent is somewhat out of her comfort zone but she coped admirably. Followed the Shropshire way for a little while until soon after it joined up with Offa’s Dyke at Churchtown we took our leave and let it go it’s own way. Feel a bit like a philanderer as it’s served us well but we parted on good terms.


It was the perfect day to join Offa’s Dyke and the place we

Dead centre of Offa's Dyke. Just look at that sky

joined it you could see the dyke itself quite prominently. Very surprised that we only met one other walker all day although we had noted yesterday that Bishops Castle walking club was spending Sunday in Snowdonia. It’s a small world 🙂

Stopping the night in the Crown Inn at Newcastle Under Clun and as convenient as it could get there is a taxi firm right next door so really easy to go and pick up the van. We’ve just been served up with a carvery of beef and pork along with three dishes consisting of 12 different vegetables. We will certainly get our 5-a-day today.



Signpost with knitted jumper caught on the way out of Bishops Castle


It's those two again 🙂

Spring has sprung



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4 responses to “Bishops Castle to Newcastle 9.8 mls Ascent 2004. Miles so far 91.3 ft

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  1. Hi Derek and Helen
    Just a quick note to say I’m really enjoying ur daily blog and the fab photos.
    Glad it’s all going well
    Jules x

  2. You have certainly been lucky with the weather so far let’s hope it continues, we have everything crossed!

  3. Love the knitted jumper for the signpost!!! Wouldn’t it be great to know why they did it ……… you didn’t by any chance ask at all did you?!!!! Thought not!!

  4. Ooh! Just found this on knitted signposts off the BBC News website: “Guerrilla knitters who have brightened up Cornish towns as part of a new craze known as “yarn-bombing” have been invited to show their work in New York.

    Knitted cosies started appearing on lamposts, signposts and benches in 2011.

    But the “craftivists” who have said they want to remain anonymous, have now been invited to New York by the magazine Vogue Knitting.

    The practice is believed to have originated in Texas.”

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