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Knucklas railway station

Well, being as Mr Beeching left a railway station in Knucklas it would only be fair of us to use it, so looking through the list of stations the train stopped at on it’s way to Swansea we decided to spend our day off in Llandovery. No idea what was going to be there but the time of the return train left us 3 hours in which to find out.

As it happened it wasn’t a bad choice at all. We set out once again in the mist but this once again cleared and leaving us with blue skies about half an hour before we arrived. Very nicely planned and actually we heard later that Knucklas had stayed in the mist all day. Just about enough in Llandovery to last us the 3 hours with a few cafes, a craft centre, a ruined castle and an very inpressive shiny metal sculpture of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. (Apparently he was hung drawn and quartered here for fighting alongside Glyndwr). There were also plenty of short walks from here but come on, it was our day off :-).
On the train back we had a gentleman sitting in front of us who was a volunteer on the Settle – Carlisle line and he reckoned that the countryside and scenery we were passing through was the equal of his Settle – Carlisle scenery which was very impressive to hear. Rather scarily, he also had a huge British Rail timetable book on his knee that he was reading, so we didn’t want to get too deep into conversation with him.

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd with castle in background

LLlandovery main street


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2 responses to “Llandovery

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  1. At last an update, where have you been! 🙂

  2. Fancy walking into the ladies – not sure if that’s Jills bad influence on direction, Tara’s bad influence on gender but more inclined to believe it’s just you being you. Offa’s Dyke sounds a good walk, I lived by it as a youngster and had no idea there was a centre let alone a society. Your blog is really informative. Well happy walking and may the weather be with you xxx

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