Winterbourne to Broughton 9.7mls Ascent 893ft, Miles so far 348.5   8 comments

Winterbourne - Broughton

It’s a small world isn’t it, the owner of our B&B last night was from Chester himself. It’s quite amazing how many people we have come across on our walk who have either lived in Chester or have relatives who live there now.

Our route today, once again on the Monarch’s Way took us past another hillfort that appears to be even earlier than iron age by all accounts, Figsbury Ring. Apparently it has too many ditches to be an iron age fort and has the experts a little baffled until they can get more excavations done. Quite an impressive site.

Mostly going along a Roman road, that looks quite boring on the map but turned out not to be that way at all due to the variety of terrain and views as we came over the brow of each hill, some of the way was lined with trees each side . Before long our route joined up with the Clarendon Way, a popular 24 mile route from Salisbury to Winchester and this accompanied us all the way into the village of  Broughton. (It’s surprising how many Broughtons there are in the country).

Chances of a bus from here back to Winterbourne were just about non-existent so we had to fall back on a taxi again, a little wary because the prices have been increasing substantially as we get further south. However, our worries were unfounded and the price was actually a little less than the last couple of rides.

Been noticing an awful lot of small aircraft overhead both yesterday and today, they appear to be preparing to land and must be coming overhead about one every 15 mins or so. I guess there’s a very popular private airport hereabouts.

It’s really strange to see signs now pointing to places like Andover,  Winchester and Romsey and indeed Southampton. Brings it home to us that we really are getting close and we really have walked this far 🙂

Tomorrow is another milestone as we turn south down the Test Valley for our final days. (SUE! GET THE RADOX READY x)

Leaving Winterbourne


A bit of Figsbury Ring

Roman road near Middle Winterslow



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8 responses to “Winterbourne to Broughton 9.7mls Ascent 893ft, Miles so far 348.5

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  1. sounds like a good day. i have a lot of catching up to do, 339.8 miles of reading, glad it is not walking. you are both amazing.

  2. I sent several aircraft to spot this famous couple walking over 300 miles but no luck lol. Can you give a wave next time so we can pick you up.
    Is it finish line tomorrow ???????

    • Hi Mark, Finish line on Monday. Thanks for sending the plane but could you get him to do a supplies drop of coffee, sticky buns and sausages next time please 🙂

  3. Hmm? Never mind the Radox – how about a nice relaxing massage …………… I’ll get Ian oiled up and at the ready!!! Ha ha ha!!! 🙂

  4. Well done again guys!! After meeting up in Salisbury the drive back from Salisbury to Southampton was really something – driving down winding country lanes passing lots of thatched cottages and dodging a few pheasants!!!! (No, I didn’t hit any Derek!!) PS ……… I’ve just noticed your blog clock is an hour out! I certainly haven’t been in work since 6.41 am!!!!

  5. I sent several aircraft too Mark but with loaded bomb bays!
    Well by the time you read this you are very much on our doorstep, Romsey, you are so close now, must plan a trip away somewhere, oh I already have!

    • Here, why don’t you two just have your own private conversation and leave us out of it.
      We’ll still be here when you get back you know, you can’t run away up North forever. The football season finishes soon 🙂

  6. Ha ha ha, we are emigrating to the North!
    PS Chester won 3-1 today!

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