Gt Wishford to Winterbourne Earls 8.7mls Ascent 633ft, Miles so far 339.8   9 comments

Wishford - Winterbourne

More of the Monarch’s Way today, in decidedly better weather than last time we walked on it πŸ™‚

I would just like to mention that this morning we saw loads of pig farms and indeed pigs whilst we were driving back to Gt Wishford from the campsite. Happily I can now put your minds at rest and state that there is no substance to the rumour that there is a shortage of pigs in England due to the fact that I have eaten them all for breakfast :-).

Anyway, back to the walk, we never really got the chance to see Gt Wishford the other day as we were straight in the warm pub out of the rain, so we took the opportunity to have a little walk through it today before we set off and it’s a very pleasant little village with thatched cottages and a church wall that has stones set in it stating the price of bread, by the gallon!, at various intervals from the year 1800 to 2000.

It was a good walk today, mostly along green lanes, first of all we

Bomber command

passed half a dozen field hares (think that’s what they were anyway) Β  and later on it was good to get some more views of a now much smaller River Avon as we went through the lovely little village of Middle Woodford. As we got near to Winterbourne Earls we were treated to the sight of a low flying military plane of some sort that must have done at least 10 large circuits above us. Every time it circled I tried to take a decent photo but I find it’s very hard to take photos of a moving subject with a digital camera due to the time delay between pressing the button and the actual shutter operating. Just as well it wasn’t a film camera though as I would have gone through at least a full roll of film only to find that the first photo I took was the best one. Wouldn’t you know it πŸ™‚

Arrived in Winterbourne just before 14:00, had a lovely lunch sat by the river and then caught a bus back to Salisbury, where we just had time to pop into Cafe Nero’s for a coffee before catching another bus on to Gt Wishford.

Wishford in the sun


Field Hare ?


River Avon at Middle Woodford (and Helen's sneaked in there as well)

Nice spot for lunch just before Winterbourne


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9 responses to “Gt Wishford to Winterbourne Earls 8.7mls Ascent 633ft, Miles so far 339.8

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  1. That’ll be one of the Hercules transport aircraft I reckon Derek :o)

  2. Well done to you both , 3 days to finish maybe ?

  3. At least Helen didn’t cause any problems by you having to catch a moving target unlike the Hercules and Field Hare!!!! Well done – not long to go now!!!

  4. PS ……… Hmm, is there any coincidence that tonight’s stopover at the Yew Tree B&B is opposite a pub (a village that appears to have just a B&B, Church and a Pub – a proper little village!)?!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Ah the maps are back! The fly over was arranged by me as a congratulations you are almost there gesture, the Hare was also arranged by me, still sorting the sail pass, Titanic maybe!!?

    • Even the missing map is back :-). That’s very good of you to arrange the flyover and even more so going to the trouble of getting some hares to run across our path. Not sure about the Titanic though, sounds as though it could be a bit of a disaster to me……..

  6. Derek, this is Dave Southall and I am finally online!!!!! But only 3 days to go.

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