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Salisbury Cathedral

A free day in Salisbury today, which was probably quite fortuitous as it gave all our wet clothes and rucksacks from yesterday a chance to dry out 🙂

A lovely sunny morning had us having a leisurely muesli breakfast with the van door open before we caught the 10:15 bus into the city. The bus driver made the journey worthwhile when a ‘youf’ got on the bus and stated where he wanted to go to the driver only to receive the response ‘ask me again in English and we’ll see’. Funny to us but the young chap probably didn’t understand what the problem was :-). It was a long journey in as the bus went down every conceivable country lane en-route even needing to turn around at one time when the lanes became to narrow.

Eventually got there, gasping for a coffee. Not being the type to pass up nice comfy looking armchairs and coffee both together in one place we called in a cafe called Nuggs1268 and took full advantage of their free newspapers for an hour or so before wandering around a large market located in the town square. Markets are normally good because along with the normal things that they all seem to sell, there’s often something just a little different and this one didn’t let us down with a stall selling watercress and cheese bread, watercress, cheddar and mushroom pasties and literally anything you could think of that could have watercress in it along with another stall selling wild garlic pesto and local ‘foraged’ mushrooms. We’ve seen that much wild garlic on our journey that we didn’t buy any pesto but we did try a sample and managed to get a rough recipe off him to enable us to try it ourselves.

As luck would have it, our Southampton friends Ian and Sue were travelling back home today after spending Easter up in Chester, so after a quick perusal of the Cathedral exterior we met up and went for a jolly good long (late) lunch in the Cote Brasserie where we exchanged tales of our walk with updates on Chester FC’s glorious season.

They then very kindly gave us a lift back to our van and we parted ways for our last week before meeting up with them at our final destination next weekend. They did let slip also that they probably aren’t going to be in on the 15th when we are due to arrive (we walk 363 miles and they are out……….).

(To be fair they did mention this on the first day we set off 🙂 )

Salisbury shopping

Archway to Cathedral Close

'Statuesque' Cathedral



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  1. Lol 363 miles and your friends are out! that made me laugh ,,,,perhaps they knew you were coming!! 😉 joking aside great blog….you’ll have to carry it on up Scotland.

  2. How strange, we went to Salisbury today and met two walkers, on the subject of strange they were both very much in that category! The photo you took of the archway to Cathedral Close is where the chocolate shop is so you must have passed it without realising!

  3. Wow! Yes – can’t believe you didn’t smell the home made chocolates shop!!!!

  4. Derek and Helen haven’t mentioned it for a while so thought I would do it on their behalf ………. Don’t forget if you’re enjoying their blog then please feel free to visit their ‘Just Giving‘ page and make a small donation to Nightingale House Hospice at Wrexham, even if it’s only £1 – every bit helps!! – it’s got to be worth it for all the effort that they are putting in not just for the walk but for the really interesting blogs (plus it’s a good cause!). If you scroll down their blogs you will find a link to the Just Giving page.

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