Hindon to Gt Wishford 12.7 mls Ascent 937ft, Miles so far 331.1   3 comments

Hindon - Gt Wishford

Left the B&B in the rain, a little peeved with the thought that we were probably the only guests paying full price due to a recent Groupon offer they had going on. Thank goodness we haven’t had weather like today for the whole six weeks and it could so easily have been the case. It’s rained all day from the minute we set off to the minute we finished and it’s still going on now after getting a taxi back and picking the van up and transferring it to our new camp site the other side of Salisbury. Blowing a real ‘hoolie’ now as well. Got to feel sorry for all the Easter holiday makers.

Left the Wessex Ridgeway behind us and started a couple of days on Monarch’s Way which we actually came across a couple of weeks back whilst walking from Wooton to Petty France but it didn’t go the way we wanted to go at the time. It’s a huge path going on for 615 miles from Worcester to Shoreham 0n Sea and approximates the escape route taken by King Charles IInd after being defeated at the battle of Worcester in 1651.

Most of it today was on tarmaced tracks and forest tracks which didn’t do much for the route but was probably just as well in this weather, at least we weren’t going to get lost in wet muddy fields. It was lucky that we passed through a few forests en-route which allowed us to at least shelter a little for our coffee and lunch.

Arrived at Gt Wishford in record time 🙂 and dived straight into the pub which purely by luck had only re-opened last Thursday after closing down in the New Year. Would have been a nightmare if it had been shut as we weren’t prepared with details of taxis today. Luckily they could help and before we could finish our drinks, we were being whisked back to Hindon for the van.

Received great news whilst writing this that Chester FC have won the Evo-Stick Northern Premier league championship today. Well done them 🙂

Monarch's Way


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3 responses to “Hindon to Gt Wishford 12.7 mls Ascent 937ft, Miles so far 331.1

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  1. Hey where have the maps gone?

  2. PS Nice to see Chester FC got a mention 🙂

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