Warminster to Hindon 13.1mls Ascent 1186ft, Miles so far 318.4   5 comments

Interesting route today, once again on the Wessex Ridge. Lots of variety with Iron Age forts, although not as good as Little Sodbury, nice paths, woodlands, streams and pastureland. It’s been very chalky underfoot recently and somehow it feels softer than other surfaces even when we are on rocky ground. I suspect it would be very slippy indeed though when it gets wet.

Shared the first section with the Imber Perimeter path as we skirted the remainder of the military area and this was quite busy today with families and dogs, probably due to it being Easter Sunday and then later on we met up with a local walking club walking around the perimeter of the fort. Not used to all these people on our route, roll on Tuesday when all should get back to normal :-).

Book Swap phone box

Not mentioned before but we’ve met a few phone boxes on our walk that have been put to various uses, apparently BT have been selling them to local Parish Councils for Β£1 if they are no longer financially viable. Met the best one so far today that had been setup as a ‘book swap’ πŸ™‚

There’s a photo below of a crop that we have been encountering almost since the start of our walk which is quite surprising being as we have been through humous rich soils, clay soils and now very chalky soils. It’s not a great photo but can anyone out there put us out of our misery and identify it for us ?

Mystery Crop ?

Looking back towards Warminster


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5 responses to “Warminster to Hindon 13.1mls Ascent 1186ft, Miles so far 318.4

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  1. is the crop not winter barly or wheat,yoou need to go back the way you have come after a rest of course,well a few days,then you will know. we were very immpressed with steeple ashton stayed in .cl just outside coffee in shop and beer in pub.

    graham chester ramblers.
    • Hi Graham, Didn’t realise you had been to Steeple Ashton. Coffee in shop and beer in pub sounds a good way to spend a day. Winter barley or wheat sound very feasible especially as it’s so widespread, cheers PS thanks for allowing us a couple of days off before turning around and coming back. Very considerate of you πŸ™‚

  2. Did you swap your Kindle for a book in the phone booth?

  3. Love the book swap phone booth! What a great idea!!!

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