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Picked Warminster out as a stopping point because it sounded an interesting place somehow, the name just rolls off the tongue. Disappointingly though, there’s very little here. Very good B&B however and the proprietors were very interested in our walk and came up with plenty of suggestions for passing away our ‘day off’, mostly consisting of going elsewhere than Warminster which must tell a story in itself. Initially we were going to spend the morning in Warminster and then move on to Shaftsbury for the afternoon but the bus service wasn’t great and it was going to take 3.5 hours to get to Shaftsbury by bus and train so that one bit the dust. Luckily, just as we were coming out of the information centre we saw a bus that was going to Frome pulled up in the high street and this was another place suggested by the B&B so we jumped on it hoping there was going to be one back (there was 🙂 ).

Frome was a lot livelier and nicer place with lots going on, including an outdoor market, an indoor antiques fair, an art gallery and a very good local museum. Spent quite a long time in the museum as Frome used to have a large foundry where many a famous bronze sculpture was created including the ‘scales of justice’ on top of the Old Bailey and Bodicea, by the Thames. Sometimes it took years for these sculptures to be created and once they were finished hundreds of local people used to line the streets and cheer them en-route to the railway station.

After the museum and a visit to the antiques fair (I have no idea how these people make a living, they certainly weren’t selling anything) we picked up a ‘town trail’ and followed most of that around the town before catching the last bus back.
Picked up a salad and some wine from M&S food hall and sneaked it back into the B&B for our evening meal whilst we watchedClint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter on our tv.

Cheap St in Frome

River Frome in Frome


Stained glass window in St John's Church


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3 responses to “Warminster (or Frome)

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  1. Re the TV dinner; you know how to have a good time!!!

  2. There is a nice pub in Warminster!
    High Plains Drifter, that brings back memories, it’s the movie I saw when I had my job interview for the OS in Newcastle!

  3. At least your stop at Frome was worth it, and so you made a good pick. However, if you had looked hard enough am sure there is at least something interesting that you would have found to do while in Warminster.

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