Westbury to Warminster 5.5 mls, Ascent 759ft, Miles so far 305.3   3 comments

Westbury - Warminster

Well, Westbury was a bit of a one horse town (groan 🙂 ). Actually it didn’t have much going for it, apart from one very nice, and very cheap, coffee shop and an excellent Thai restaurant. Every other business was called ‘White Horse cleaners’ or ‘White Horse livery’ or ‘White Horse plumbers’, or something along the same unimaginative lines.

Anyway, finished our brief flirtation with the White Horse Way now and moved onto the Wessex Ridgeway, a far better Way that took us on top of the ridge and then along the edge so that we could see all the countryside below. The Ridgeway itself is a 137 mile walk from The Wash down to Dorset but we will only be doing about 18 – 19 miles on it which is a shame, maybe another day…..

We also joined up with the Imber Range Perimeter for most of the route today which has an interesting story to tell. There’s a village in the centre of this perimeter called Imber that was evacuated in November 1943 to facilitate training of American troops for the D-Day landings with the promise to the villagers that they would be able to return after the war. However the story goes that the military reneged on this promise and the villagers were never allowed back . Very little remains of the village now apart from the church which is maintained and opened to the public on one day a year. A very nice 4 minute presentation about the village can be watched at http://vimeo.com/13325438

Finished early today as it was only a short one so we caught a bus back to Westbury to pick up the van, had some lunch and are now relaxing in our Warminster B&B ready for our look around Warminster tomorrow. Helen has definitely improved today after a good nights sleep last night, however her internal compass has completely gone to pot and she’s been wanting to walk in the wrong direction all day. We are wondering whether to blame the military installation on top of the ridge and think perhaps they are sending out ‘internal compass blocker waves’ to confuse the enemy. This of course would have no effect on me as I have no idea which way we are going at the best of times 🙂

Westbury in the sun

Looking back towards Westbury


Shock, Horror ! Grey Man replaces White Horse !

Looking back down the Ridgeway


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3 responses to “Westbury to Warminster 5.5 mls, Ascent 759ft, Miles so far 305.3

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  1. It looks like your only about a week off completion. I hope you have the Bollinger ready and cooled.
    Good job Caz isn’t there if so , the bottle wouldn’t make it to the finish line lol

    Good Luck

    Caz and beaten up Mark


  2. Oh no you are getting closer, time to get out of Southampton and head off to Stocksbridge!

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