Bath to Bradford on Avon 13.5mls Ascent 564ft Miles so far 279.7   2 comments

Bath - Bradford on Avon

Totally different walking today to what we are used to as we’ve turned East and now have a couple of days along the the River Avon and the Kennet & Avon canal. I was worried at first that walking along a canal would get quite boring but I needn’t have worried as there was plenty of variety and lots of different boats (and people) to look at.

We started off walking into Bath along the River Avon from last night’s caravan site which was a joint marina and caravan site run by the BWB, a situation that we haven’t come across before but a jolly good idea all the same. It’s always totally different coming into a town or city along a canal (the Avon is canalised along this stretch) and when we used to have a narrowboat some of the most interesting  journeys involved going into cities by the ‘back route’ so to speak. Even managed to help a narrowboat through one of the locks on the way, as the two lads that dad had sent on were struggling with the lock gates, bringing back a few good memories of the hundreds of locks we must have gone through over our 20 years boating up and down the canals in the past.

Once we had split from the river there was a great number of boats either moored up by the side or moving up and down the canal, all the more variety I expect because there were a fair few wide beam along with the normal canal boats and even a converted lifeboat and converted tugboat made an appearance. Most were obviously fairly well looked after but it was a bit sad to also see some that were in a right state and it did seem to be the residential ones that were in the worst state. It’s hard enough to live in the confines of a narrow boat as it is without it being full of junk and disintegrating around you.

Arrived at Bradford about 16:30 and caught a train back to Bath to collect the van. By the time we got back, booked into the B&B and found somewhere to eat we’ve not really had much chance to see  Bradford so far but a few people have told us it’s a lovely place so, being a shorter day tomorrow, we’ll hopefully get a chance to have a better look around when we come back to pick up the van tomorrow afternoon.

PS, thanks to everybody who managed to wish me a happy birthday during the day. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting this one in a hurry 🙂

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Kennet & Avon leaving Bath

Converted tugboat, very smart !

Don't want my sausages made from this tomorrow:-)

Just idyllic


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2 responses to “Bath to Bradford on Avon 13.5mls Ascent 564ft Miles so far 279.7

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  1. Hmmmm, you missed the blog for your day off this time!
    Say hi to Jackie’s (remember her from Bristol when we met up?) sister Carol who lives in Bradford on Avon now!

    • ooooh ! Well spotted. I had created one for Bath but it appears to have got lost down the plug hole somewhere. However it’s back now. Thanks for pointing that out. Just as well somebody’s keeping a check 🙂

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