Toghill (Wick) to Bath 8.5mls Ascent 805ft, Miles so far 266.2   12 comments

Toghill - Bath

The morning started bright and crisp for our walk into Bath today, a fairly short walk of just over 8 miles through what appears to be quite a major civil war area including the actual field where the Battle of Lansdown took place in 1643. It was very sad to read that the two opposing commanders in this battle used to be great friends before the civil war and reading the various information boards has quite aroused my interest in maybe reading up more about the civil war in the near future.

During the first half of the walk we were looking down over Bristol and then we abruptly changed direction and started looking down over Bath instead. I hadn’t realised they were quite so close together. Couldn’t help noticing a very prominent red brick building on the outskirts of Bristol and we were wondering if it had been a series of millhouses at some time so we asked a passing local and he told it used to be big Fry’s chocolate factory. This started us reminiscing about Fry’s chocolate but the only three we could remember were Fry’s Turkish Delight, Fry’s Chocolate Cream and I think there was one called 5 boys ?

Got into Bath mid afternoon and wandered through some parks on the way into the center. Absolutely packed with people sunbathing on the grassed areas on their Sunday off.

Feel as though we have hit a couple of milestones today. We are two thirds of the way both in time and in miles, we have finished on the Cotswold Way and we have reached Bath where our route takes a turn to the East. (and we are still talking to each other 🙂 ).

Coming down towards Bath

A bit of interesting info about the battle of Lansdown

Looking back towards Toghill

One of my best ever dungheaps, it's got so hot it's turning to ash 🙂


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12 responses to “Toghill (Wick) to Bath 8.5mls Ascent 805ft, Miles so far 266.2

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  1. Ah Bath, that reminds me I am due for one!
    PS It is looking very likely that we will be around on that Sunday, 15th April after all now, we will keep you updated! 🙂

  2. Oh forgot to mention two things, why do you think Bristol Rovers played at Bath for a while if Bristol and Bath were not close, I think it’s about 12 miles but you may correct me on this and secondly your spelling of Lansdown is wrong under the photo, just keeping you on your toes!

    • Hee, hee, I’ve just snuck back in and corrected the two Lansdown’s. I can do that you know, I have the power 🙂 It may still be the 15th then ? Does the trip to Manchester not look like it’s going ahead ?

  3. The spelling is wrong in the text too before you bring it to my notice, ha ha ha! 🙂

  4. Oh no!!! Frantically trying to find a “Good Guide to Dung Heaps in Hampshire” before you reach our place – NOT!!!!

  5. At what point will the Banner change to ” miles to go” instead of miles so far,
    I know it will involve a sum. Helen, can you help Derek with the big numbers. I’ll help you with the first one; 96 and a bit miles to go!
    Fry’s was actually the first chocolate factory in Great Britain, their first offering was actually the horrible chocolate cream minty middled thing – YuK.
    Yet another of my many useless facts produced without the aid of tinternet.
    They didn’t have any magnets to my knowledge ( sorry everyone, yet another reference nobody else will understand)
    Keep on trekin, and get a shift on before the snow catches you up.

  6. Thought we were bad enough regarding coffees but you two take the er biscuit!

  7. I’ll join in for the biscuit comment – Groan!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Derek!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  8. Manchester trip not looking likely at the moment, will explain later, oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Groan for the biscuit comment!

  9. The finish line is in sight. keep going 🙂

    Caz & Mark


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