Petty France to Toghill (Wick) 14.5mls Ascent 1444ft Miles so far 257.7   4 comments

Petty France - Toghill

Petty France - Toghill

A varied walk today as we went past the 250 mile mark.  A bit cooler than it has been and there were warnings of drizzle but nothing materialized. Started off the morning with the sky full of larks singing their  heads off above us and we soon got to NT’s Horton Court looking very resplendent below us. Soon after this we arrived in Little Sodbury, now I would normally say I’m not an Iron Age Fort man, I tend to look at them and come away thinking ‘somebody’s got a vivid imagination if they think that was a fort‘ however, the one at Little Sodbury is the best I’ve ever come across. It must be at least 100 yds by 80 and all four sides are surrounded by mounds, all still intact. On top of this there is then a moat and then another complete set of mounds as a further defence. I was very impressed and even somebody with my lack of imagination could picture the fort being alive and full of huts and people and horses etc. Surprised it isn’t better publicised or maybe I’ve just never taken any notice 🙂

Stopped for lunch in Tormarton and was glad to see the Cotswold Way had changed route since my OS map and no longer went around the M4 roundabout although it did pass some massive arable fields that took 20 mins to trudge past. We could hear and just about see the odd motocross bike on the other side of this field as they shot over the hills on their route, both wheels off the ground. After this Helen really speeded up as it began to appear that we might have time to call in NT’s Dyrham Park cafe for a piece of Victoria sponge. We arrived in plenty of time, no Vic sponge available but we consoled ourselves with some parsnip, carrot and hazlenut cake for Helen and some lemon drizzle for me (I felt I had to join in so Helen wouldn’t feel so bad).

Almost forgot to mention that we came across hoards of wild garlic today and the smells are just starting to waft up and fill the woods and we also came across a Cotswold Way ‘message’ box and book in Dyrham wood where we added our names and a little bit of info about our walk. If ever you are passing that way in the future look us up. A fairly long walk today but we made it to Toghill House Farm for about 17:45 and then got a taxi back to Petty France to pick up the van and get an early evening meal.

Horton Court

Must be Angora with a coat like that

Specially built for Swallows and Barn Owls



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4 responses to “Petty France to Toghill (Wick) 14.5mls Ascent 1444ft Miles so far 257.7

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  1. The fort at Little Sodbury is well known in this area, I see you are heading very much South now and very much into our area, you could run the rest!!!!!

  2. Derek, Its grand National in a couple weeks, so keep a look out for an independent bookies on your travels, which you may consider sufficiently isolated and inconvenient for collection of your winnings within three months of the race.

  3. You’ve done more than half! The sheep looks lika a Dorset Down. How nice you can see different breeds while walking.

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