Middleyard to Wotton under Edge 12.4mls Ascent 2320ft Miles so far 233.8   7 comments

Middleyard - Wotton under Edge

Quite a toughie today, especially for Helen but having said that, I’m sure she’s finding it a little easier going now than she did at the beginning (and there’s definitely fewer complaints 🙂 ).

Met up with a couple of other walkers at the B&B during breakfast this morning who are doing 5 days of the Cotswold Way. It’s great because whoever we meet and talk to, so far, aren’t doing as much as we are and they all seem to be very envious. I remember doing the Great Glen Way with Diane last year and it was just the opposite as everyone we spoke to was doing a harder, longer, more strenuous walk than we were at the time.

Lots of deciduous woodlands today which is great because they are nice and cool and because they are deciduous they don’t block out all the views. The wood anemones are starting to look really good as well now. Just before coffee we got to Coaley Peak and the views were just outstanding (disappointingly they didn’t photograph very well due to haze in the distance). Apparently on a good day you can see the Black Mountains 40 miles away. A couple of good hills encountered after that and whilst Helen skirted them I took  the opportunity to have a good leg stretch up and down them. I’m starting to get thighs like Wonderwoman and don’t know whether to be pleased about this or a little worried 🙂

The Way took us right through Dursley where we stopped for a spot of lunch, not much else to keep us there though so we carried on to our place for the night, Wotton under Edge. However, having read about the numerous restaurants and pubs we are feeling a little let down by the town as we can only find one place to eat and that certainly isn’t anything special. Day off here tomorrow, I feel we may have to drive somewhere to have a decent day 🙂

Hazy view from Coaley Peak

Wood Anemones in Westridge wood

Coming down into Wotton

Tortoiseshell 'flutterby' spotted en-route


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7 responses to “Middleyard to Wotton under Edge 12.4mls Ascent 2320ft Miles so far 233.8

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  1. You could drive to Farndon for the day I heard it is nice there!

  2. Really jealous….and now you’re super fit!!! ..

    Definitely no driving allowed 😉

  3. Steady on Derek, that’s two days running you have raved about deciduous woodland. Control yourself man!
    H&D Well done so far, if the great weather has anything to do with your walk, can you keep going until September please!

    • Hi Neil, It’s very rare in life I get the chance to use the word ‘deciduous’ and I’ve got to show off whilst I still have the faculties to spell it 🙂

  4. Let’s hope you don’t get anything else like Wonderwoman!! Let’s just keep it to the thighs hey?!!!!

  5. was going to tell you that the Tortoiseshell was in fact a Peacock butterfly but wont bother as I am sure someone else will tell you. Think the whole undertaking is brilliant. Well done.

    • Hi Isobel, Thanks for your comments. I thought I had got away with the scarecrow disguise. Nobody else had pointed out the butterfly gaff so thanks very much for that. I must try and find an actual Tortoiseshell now to make up for it. Cheers

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