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Another day off from walking (I think Helen sneaked some in without me noticing 🙂 ) Certainly nothing to do in Wotton so as a few people had recommended Cirencester we decided to have a drive out to there for the day. Turned out to be a good choice with plenty to see and do and plenty of options to have a slow amble around. As always, the first place we headed for was Costa Coffee where I mistakenly ordered medium sized cappuccino and americano instead of small ones and we ended up with approx a bucket each. Couldn’t help noticing that the ‘large’ ones now come with two handles so that if you make the mistake of ordering one you now at least have half a chance of being able to pick it up. Being able to drink the darned thing is another story of course.

As I say it’s an nice town to walk around with lots of smaller independent shops and an old town which always adds to the interest along with a large cotswold stone church in the centre which is almost cathedral size. There’s also a huge park owned by the Bathurst Estate which has a huge long drive through it, very much like the Duke’s drive in Chester I suppose. Also very much like the Duke of Westminster owns a lot of Chester, the Bathurst Estate owns a lot of Cirencester apparently.

We had lunch sat outside in a nice little courtyard in the sun and then did a short tour of the large church which is actually in the throes of being cleaned up on the outside and coated with some sort of protective coating that makes the cleaned up bits so far stick out like a sore thumb. Not to everyone’s taste according to the nice lady who greeted us when we came in, understandably. Wandered around for the rest of the afternoon, managing to find a replacement camera case for the one that’s dropped to pieces (a present off Helen, could be due to her buying it from the pound shop 🙂 ) before popping into a Caffe Nero’s that we had previously missed and then calling in to a pub in Tetbury on the way back for evening meal. It sounded lovely as an ‘aromatic squash, broad bean and lentil curry’ but, sad to say, I’ve definitely had a tastier curry out of a Tesco tin.

Blackjack Lane

Cirencester college



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  1. What on earth possessed you ever to buy a tin of Tesco curry – let alone open the thing up and eat it?!!! Keep up the good work guys!! Weather still looking good!!!!

  2. Ah Cirencester, that brings back memories, it was one of our pick up points when we use to travel to football on the coach way back in the 70’s and will be again when we have our reunion in April!

  3. I thought you were when you said you were doing this but it’s a fab read and my daily indulgence reading in a HK coffee shop. Can you carry on walking please 🙂 xxx

  4. Oh and buy cheap buy twice remember, so I hope new case is more robust 🙂 xx

  5. AN intrepid traveller is setting off on an epic 10,000 mile walk from Wales to Australia.

    Tomorrow Kieran Rae, from Wrexham, will leave from Cardiff Castle aiming to trek with fellow traveller Arjun Bhogal for three years on the UK Borderwalk expedition to Cardiff in New South Wales.

    Saw this in the local paper – thought it might give you an idea for next year.
    Sound like you are having a brilliant time love reading your blog

    • Hi Chris, glad you are enjoying it. 10000 miles……… that would probably take more than the 3 pairs of socks that I own so think I will have to pass on that one

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