Painswick to Middleyard 10.6mls Ascent 1413ft Miles so far 221.4   5 comments

Painswick - Middleyard

I’m not sure what happened today but we arrived earlier than expected and this was even after a quick look around Painswick before we set off. Maybe we are getting a bit fitter without realising it. Painswick is a lovely little old town with hardly any of the houses breaking away from the lovely Cotswold stone. I’m not quite sure how she got to Painswick but the lady who ran the B&B was Belgian which made the breakfast that little bit different. When we were chatting it came up that the sixties group ‘The Animals’ used to appear in Painswick quite regularly and they always stayed at this lady’s B&B 🙂

The walk, once again, was good today with quite a bit of it being through deciduous forests which were nice and cool with the shade they provided. Absolutely full of squirrels they were, running all over the shop (it’s surprising how fast they can run when you chase them with a big stick). Everytime I tried to take a photo, whoosh, they were 50 ft up a tree.

Can't see the church for the yews in Painswick (all 107 of them)

I’m going to tell tales now and mention that Helen took a bit of a shortcut while I went over Haresfield Hill but her navigation skills are far too good and we met up again at the topograph on Shortwood. Lovely views but there was a fair sized town just below the hill called Stonehouse that didn’t appear on the topograph which is a bit of a mystery unless it was built after the topograph was installed in 1934 ?

We must be coming into summer now as we came across our first ice cream van today. Neither of us could, or indeed wanted to, resist and I’ve got to say it went down far too easily. Hopefully we will come across a few more now it’s dawned on them that the weather is actually rather warm.

Early night tonight as it’s a big walk tomorrow, once again out of Helen’s ‘comfort zone’ and there’s not much in Middleyard to keep us up. Nice B&B though with internal Cotswold stone walls.

Leaving Standish Wood

Looking down over Stroud


Guardian of the veg in Middleyard


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5 responses to “Painswick to Middleyard 10.6mls Ascent 1413ft Miles so far 221.4

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  1. I should be out in the sunshine instead of reading your blog, but I can’t tear myself away – it’s just fascinating.
    Hope you’re going to make it into a booklet when you get home. You’ll need something to do now that you have ‘stopped working’ Derek!!
    Wish I had known it was Helen’s birthday the other day. Belated Many Happy Returns, Helen.

  2. We got back from North Ferriby (near Hull) early hours of this morning, 1.15am to be exact, it is further North than Farndon so what is taking you so long!!!!! We left North Ferriby at 10pm so made good time, hmmm, hope Sue wasn’t breaking the speed limit! By the way Chester won 3-0 there!

  3. Come on Derek ….. Keep up! Helen is leaving you behind. he he . Hope you two are enjoying your adventures. Sue and Ian are waiting with open arms and a pot of tea , rumour has it Ian may have some wine but don’t tell him I told you . Best of Luck.

    Caz & Mark

  4. What, don’t listen to Mark there is no wine here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You may have tried to disguise yourself in the veg patch Derek, but I knew it was you

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