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Really rather impressed with Gloucester although on a quiet Sunday in the sun most places would probably look quite good.

Spent the usual 2 hours or so in a coffee bar (Cafe Nero’s this time) catching up on newspapers and relaxation etc when suddenly the Civil War re-enactment society paraded past, horses and all. We didn’t know what it was all about, left the coffee shop and started wandering around the nice big wide streets when they came past us again and we found out they were on the way to the docks to fire off their muskets and canons to commemorate ‘The siege of Gloucester’ in 1643 (ish). All very impressive and loud but we though it was a bit unfair when the order came to fire at Will. Just as well he wasn’t with us :-).

They seem to have done the docks up really well and they are absolutely huge, it must have been a massive undertaking. Nice to see it wasn’t full of bars but had dozens of coffee shops instead.

Spent the second half of the afternoon in the Cathedral which was doubly interesting because they had an art exhibition on with over 50 exhibits. Once again a huge Cathedral, must be 2 to 3 times the size of Chester’s.

Very interesting all round and if anybody comes down this way I would say Gloucester is well worth a visit.

'Fire at Will'

Gloucester main street

Gloucester Cathedral

Our feet after 200 miles


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3 responses to “Gloucester

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  1. Feet still holding up well I see…!

  2. We were in Stoke and even that looked good in the sun!

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