Longhope to Over (by Gloucester)12.3mls Ascent 1021ft, Miles so far 200.9   4 comments

Longhope to Churcham for Gloucester

Helen’s that keen now that we even did an extra couple of miles today to what we had originally planned :-). Set off from the Farmers Boy and almost straight away had to go up May Hill, described somewhat strangely in the Gloucestershire Way book as ‘ At 972 ft this is the highest point reached on the Gloucestershire Way, although the High Wold above Cutsdean is shown by the Ordnance Survey to be 30ft higher‘ Erm, I think that means it’s not the highest point then ?? Anyway, it was lovely on top with a round clump of trees in the centre and 4 benches, one at North, one South, one East and one West. I’m sure the views would have been superb except that it was very hazy in the distance.

The walk went well and as you will all know it was another glorious day (the BBC said Gloucester would be the warmest spot in the UK). Lots of lush, green rolling countryside and still plenty of orchards to amble through. I’ve not mentioned all the mistletoe that grows around here. Lots of it in Hereford and lots over the border here too.

Met up with the River Severn for the last few miles, although what we’ve seen so far is very brown and full of detritus as though there has been flooding or maybe a dam opened up somewhere.

Spending tonight on a CL site in a plum orchard and planning to spend a day having a look around Gloucester tomorrow. We know nothing about Gloucester apart from the fact it has a Cathedral so that should be interesting.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

We're still going 🙂


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4 responses to “Longhope to Over (by Gloucester)12.3mls Ascent 1021ft, Miles so far 200.9

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  1. 201 miles since last we saw you – brilliant! Only 162 to go, and you must be as fit as fleas by now. Hope the great weather continues – looking forward to the next instalments!

  2. Feeling absolutely exhausted again! Keep it up.

  3. Ha ha ha, I wouldn’t trust those OS maps, they were some very dodgy map drawers in that place!

  4. Love reading your blogs, better than a book at bedtime Isobel

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