Ross-on-Wye to Longhope 8.9mls Ascent 1336ft Miles so far 188.6   3 comments

Ross on Wye - Longhope

Woo Hoo ! a couple of things to celebrate today, we’ve reached halfway and Helen has had her first ‘pain free’ day ๐Ÿ™‚

A mix of local paths today as we say goodbye to the Wye Valley Walk after 42 miles and make our way across to the Gloucester Way via a very brief visit to the Wysis Way en-route (The Wysis Way is a 55 mile path that links Offa’s Dyke to the Thames Path). Wasn’t really looking forward to utilising the local paths as they are always hard to navigate and if the land owners can possibly hide, cover, plough over the stiles and paths then they seem to take great delight in doing so. Only minor problems encountered though and we got to the Farmers Boy in Longhope spot on 15:00 which was the time we had arranged the taxi back to Ross for. Got to mention this taxi (same one as yesterday) has got 482,718 miles on the clock and he swears it’s the original engine. It says a lot for Peugeot 406’s. Went back to Ross for a look around as we never really got a chance yesterday and it’s certainly a town worth visiting with lots of small shops mostly stuffed to the gills with merchandise along with a lovely riverside. Drove back to The Farmers Boy where we are spending the night and had one of their ‘famous’ pies. Very nice it was too.

Also want to mention that being as we are celebrating the half way stage and it’s March 23rd we drunk a toast to Helen’s sister Vivienne. Without Viviennes influence I would never have done any of these walks including the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, Mount Toubkal, Pico Annetto and of course this walk now. Loved and missed by us all.

Leaving Ross-on-Wye

Another glorious day

Spotted en route



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3 responses to “Ross-on-Wye to Longhope 8.9mls Ascent 1336ft Miles so far 188.6

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  1. I was going to say that, you are half way, won’t bother now!
    Well you are getting really close to us now so we are going North to Matlock, not walking though as we need to be there in time for the match today.
    Another glorious sunny day, yay!

  2. Congratulations on getting half walk full of admiration and another set of lovely photos

    Jules x

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