Fownhope to Ross-on-Wye 11.5ml Ascent 1081ft. Miles so far: 179.7   2 comments

Fownhope - Ross on Wye

One thing we didn’t take into account on this walk was the possibility of getting too hot, but today we were certainly verging on it at times. We’ve also noticed that we are both in danger of acquiring a tan !! Who’d have thought we would get a tan in March.

Nothing much in Fownhope apart from a couple of pubs, a butcher and a rather large fitness centre. Interesting walk though. We soon came to Paget’s wood that is a SSI and is believed to be over 400 years old. It’s a lovely wood with the ground between the trees being a carpet of green which is very unusual and the information board told us that ‘wild daffodils’ grew in the woods and I have to admit, in my ignorance, I didn’t know there was such a thing. We are learning a lot on this walk.

After saying the other day that not much of the Wye Valley Walk seemed to go along the river, quite a bit of it did today and we were delighted to see loads of swans on or by the river. Surprised we haven’t seen more cows, (much to Helen’s relief), as I tended to think of Herefordshire as a cattle farming area. We did come across a couple of pigs which we were pleased about because we had read back on Gumma farm that as a nation we consume around 9 million pigs a year. Just another 8999998 to find now.

Coming into Ross-on-Wye was very scenic and it looks like a very nice market town from what we’ve seen so far. Arrived about 16:30 booked into the  B&B and then got a taxi back to Fownhope to pick up the van. Never cease to be surprised how far the journey back in the taxi seems each time. We both think ‘we’ve never walked this far’ (suspect taxi drivers may be taking advantage, I’m sure there was no need for that bit up the M1) 🙂

Paget's Wood

Tomorrows sausages

One step too far, well about 30 actually

Coming into Ross-on-Wye


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2 responses to “Fownhope to Ross-on-Wye 11.5ml Ascent 1081ft. Miles so far: 179.7

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  1. Hey you are not suppose to be enjoying this, sunbathing and having lunch by the river, come on get on with the hard work, this seems far too much fun and too much relaxing going on here! 🙂

  2. Hope you don’t bump into the 899998 pigs you mention all in one go!! Now that would be something!!!!

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