Hay-on-Wye to Staunton -on-Wye 12.6 mls Ascent 1526ft, Miles so far 145.8   3 comments

Hay on Wye - Staunton on Wye

No internet access at Staunton so this one’s going to be a little late.
Sorry to say goodbye to Offa’s Dyke, it’s been a cracking route and I can see why so many people take to walking the whole thing. But it’s onward and downward for us as we move over to the Wye Valley Walk which we will be following for just over 40 miles to Ross-on-Wye. Slightly different kettle of fish this one as it’s more a route that strings together local footpaths that already existed as opposed to being a National Trail. The Walk has only been fully open since 2002 so a fairly new boy.
First 40 mins or so were spent trying to find the correct route out of Hay-on-Wye which is always a bad start for a walk but things did improve from thereon, route finding wise. Mostly fairly flat through fields with the occasional view of the river until we came to Merbach Hill which made a valiant effort to account for the vast majority of the 1526ft of ascent all on it’s own. Rewarded with spectacular views from the top to make the effort worthwhile. Probably saw more people up there than we have for most of the walk so far, all taking advantage of the sunshine while they get the chance.
Changed from our smallest B&B so far last night in Hay to the largest house in the world tonight at Staunton but shouldn’t complain about last nights B&B because after the abysmal failure trying to get a taxi yesterday (they weren’t even saying they were booked up, they were just saying ‘No, not interested’ ) the B&B did come and pick us up to take us back to Hay after todays walk (at a price of course 🙂 ).
Last but not least, as it is Mothering Sunday, I should mention that Helen’s mum is scouring charity shops so that she can get the maps to follow our route from her armchair – she’s down to Bath at the moment so she’s well ahead of us! Happy Mothering Sunday from Helen.

Monkey Puzzle Tree ?

Well knurled chestnut tree straight out of Lord of the Rings

View from Merbach hill


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3 responses to “Hay-on-Wye to Staunton -on-Wye 12.6 mls Ascent 1526ft, Miles so far 145.8

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    Hope you have a great day xx

  2. A belated Happy Birthday Helen. We are following your progress and feeling quite exhausted!

    • Ah, we wondered who sandgrounder1 was – someone from Southport surely.

      Glad you are following our progress and thanks for printing the blog out for mum and dad; I forget to send them a postcard from time to time, so it’s good to know they also have the blog from you too.


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