Gladestry to Hay-on-Wye 11.1 mls Ascent 1453ft Miles so far 133.2   3 comments

Gladestry - Hay on Wye

It seemed quite a long walk today , our last day on Offa’s Dyke but despite dire warnings of heavy showers I’m glad to say they didn’t materialise. We went over another area of short grass and bracken on top of a hill en-route over Disgwylfa Hill and realised that each time we have done this we have been regaled by skylarks and they were in fine voice again during todays walk.

Coffee at St Mary's ( sharing ? )

Called in at St Mary’s  at Newchurch because I had read that they offer refreshments to walkers passing by and because it was a decent day we sat at an outside table. Read in the porch that the outdoor table had been blessed at an ‘outside table’ ceremony in 2006 and we were now sharing it with Abraham and Isaac. I thought my coffee was going down quick but Helen assures me that was not the type of sharing they mean.

Just after Newchurch we were sent leaping out of our skins by what sounded like loud gunshots and we were a bit perturbed by the fact that they were very close to some new born lambs and they didn’t look very happy about it at all, however, all was revealed when we flagged down the farmer to tell him about one of his sheep that was in trouble and he explained that the ‘gunshots’ were bird scarers, needed to keep the Ravens off the lambs because apparently they can kill a young lamb if they get one on it’s own. He did mention something about ‘townies’ jumping to conclusions when they don’t know what they are talking about, but in a nice way (I think).

After lunch the Black Mountains dominated our views and we soon got our first sighting of the River Wye.

Arrived in Hay about 16:30 and found out what the B&B meant by ‘more a ‘chambre d’ hote than a B&B’. ‘Bohemian’ is what I would call it.

Now that's what you call a breakfast ! Served up this morning at Gladestry

First view of the River Wye


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3 responses to “Gladestry to Hay-on-Wye 11.1 mls Ascent 1453ft Miles so far 133.2

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  1. Well you are over a third of the way on your journey, have you met any Hobbits on the way yet?

  2. Hi Both, doing well, I think your totals on the top should include how many sausages you have both ate! 😉 keep up the good work, look forward to the email coming in from your blog each night.

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for your support 🙂

      I couldn’t possibly list the amount of sausages I’m eating or people would start to think I’m enjoying it !

      Helen would like me to add that it’s only me with the cooked breakfasts by the way, she is being very good and sticking to cereal and toast.

      Cheers and take care, Derek & Helen


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