Kington to Gladestry 5.3 mls Ascent 1135 ft Miles so far 122.1   2 comments

Kington - Gladestry

Very short day today, just the five miles to Gladestry, basically up on to Hergest Ridge for a couple of miles and down the other side. We are walking 6 days on the trot at the moment so we don’t feel too bad about a short one. It was very nice on Hergest Ridge, just very short grass, gorse bushes, bracken and wild ponies. Just as Helen likes it. There were quite a few bales of cut bracken made up like hay bales on the top. Anybody out there know what they would be used for ?

Because it was a short day we arrived in Gladestry about 13:00 and called in the local pub, the Royal Oak, which, along with half a dozen houses, just about makes up the village. Nobody at the B&B this time of the day so we had a look at the bus stop to see whether we could get a bus back to Kington to pick up the van. Now I thought Farndon had a poor bus service but poor Gladestry has only one bus a day and then when we looked closer we noticed this bus only runs on Tuesdays !! So we had a choice of getting a taxi or waiting for 4 days. Tough decision but we went for the taxi :-).

The day was still young so we drove out to Hay-on-Wye for the afternoon because even though we are walking there tomorrow it’s a longish walk and by the time we get there and then come back for the van it will probably be not far short of 17:00. Glad we took the opportunity because it’s a cracking little town to walk around and a second hand books lovers dream. I was however, sorely tempted to just open the shop doors and shout ‘KINDLE’ and see how long my life would last 🙂

Top of Hergest Ridge

A lonely bracken bale

Royal Oak in Gladestry


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2 responses to “Kington to Gladestry 5.3 mls Ascent 1135 ft Miles so far 122.1

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  1. Yes I noticed you now have two long walks in succession so a nice short one today was in order I think!

  2. Please can Helen film you shouting ‘Kindle’ at one of the bookshop proprieters in Hay and the aftermath – maybe we could view on You-Tube?

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