Knucklas to Presteigne 10.3 mls Ascent 1647ft Miles so far 107.7   2 comments

Knucklas - Presteigne

Misty once again this morning and the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees as well so we set off at a cracking pace to try and warm up. Pointless going up to the top where Offa’s Dyke actually ran because there was nothing to see in the mist so Helen did the sensible thing and stayed down in the lanes to Knighton whereas I of course did the pointless thing and went up to the top to see nothing. (I felt very satisfied with myself though :-)).
We soon got to Knighton which is one of the very few towns that Offa’s Dyke actually goes right through and called in the Offa’s Dyke Centre that is positioned in the town. A little bit disappointing as there was seemed to be nothing about the northerly part of the Dyke. The gentleman behind the counter was very impressed with our walk though and asked us to send some details into the Offa’s Dyke association once we had finished and they may consider putting the details in their newsletter. The downside to our visit came when, after telling him I had worked out all the route over a few months and I was doing the majority of the navigating with very few problems, I finished the conversation and then walked straight into the ladies. I feel his opinion of my navigation skills went down a bit with that.
Set off on our way from Knighton again after picking up some supplies hoping the sun would break through again like it had the last few days but no luck, it just got mistier and colder as the day went on. Shame, because the gentleman above had been telling us what good views we would / should be getting. Arrived at the B&B about 15:00 but nobody there at this time so we got a taxi back to pick up the van and then stopped off in Presteigne on the way back for a spot to eat and to warm up. Arrived at the B&B again about 19:00 and are now basking in a very large, very warm bedroom and equally warm and large bath. No phone signal again I’m afraid, so this missive may well be late arriving šŸ™‚

Misty picture No 3

River on the way into Knighton


Old Offa's Dyke marker post




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2 responses to “Knucklas to Presteigne 10.3 mls Ascent 1647ft Miles so far 107.7

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  1. Well over a 100 miles now, well done guys, keep going!

  2. Fancy going into the ladies, not sure if thats Jill’s bad influence on direction, Tara’s influence on gender but inclined to think it’s just you – very funny. Nice to know you may possibly be in a newsletter and also that there is an Offas Dyke Society – you’re unearthing lots of interesting facts Mr & Mrs Truby. Take care, happy walking and may the weather be with you xxx

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