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The Six Bells pub with it's own brewery

Sleepy little town, Bishops Castle, although none the less interesting for that and in some ways ‘sleepy little towns’ suit our days off down to the ground.

Very pleased to mention that we hadn’t seen the best of the town yesterday and we have to update the report to say that there are two pubs with their own breweries along with the excellent secondhand bookshop and cafe. There’s the Six Bells pictured to the left plus the Three Tuns, which claims to be the oldest brewery in the UK. Had to sample them to test they were ok of course and can happily say they both pass with flying colours :-).

It was a nice little place to wander around and has it’s own little ‘town trail’ to follow which is always good for pointing out things that you would normally miss through not looking up, or down, or round the right corner. Helen was also made up to find that there were a few posts and railings dotted about that were wearing knitted ‘jumpers’ that were still left over from the Bishops Castle arts festival  from February.

Finished off the ‘tour’ in the bookshop come cafe, which was inevitable really as neither of us can resist the secondhand bookshop / cafe combination. I’m being very badly behaved here as I got a Kindle as a leaving present from JCB and no longer have a need for books……… old habits die hard however and I’m telling myself at the moment that I’ll just find the books I fancy and then go back and download them onto the Kindle. I’ve got to add that I’m finding the Kindle ideal for a trip like this as it’s just so easy to pick up and read in any circumstances and so light to carry around. The only problem I’m having is prizing the case open each time to get the bookmark in place…………

Bishops Castle High St


A strange spotted house, now you don't see many of them.......


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