Shadymoor to Church Stretton 9.5mls 1465ft ascent. Miles so far 67.7   Leave a comment

Shadymoor - Church Stretton

Mmm, might have been an absolutely gorgeous evening meal last night but the breakfast left a bit to be desired. Sausages were excellent and came from Mr Sadds butchers in Dorrington which we know from the past makes excellent sausages but I don’t think the bacon situation was helped by the proprietor telling us that they get pigs in during the summer for the little kiddies on the attached camp site to play with but then once the season is over they ‘kill em’ and eat em’ and that’s where my morning’s bacon came from……..

Diverted from the Shropshire Way today so that we could call in to Helen’s favourite place in the World, Church Stretton, en-route. A very muddy start to the walk and just as we got a couple of hundred yards down a narrow lane a lorry as wide as the lane itself squeezed by us forcing us to breathe in tightly and pray we didn’t slip off the very narrow bank we had been forced up. At least the driver had the courtesy to lower his window on the way past and say ‘bit of a tight squeeze, this one’. 

Lovely in the sun but freezing cold every time it went behind a cloud. The walk was good and covered some ground that Helen hadn’t walked before which is quite unusual for Helen in this area. We came into Church Stretton across  the golf course, avoiding the odd flying missile and then because it was fairly early I caught the bus back to Dorrington and walked an extra 2 miles from there back to Shadymoor to pick up the van (decided this was far easier than trying to guide a taxi to the farm) whilst Helen stopped in C. Stretton and purchased some supplies for the next couple of days.

Early morning view from the balcony at Shadymoor


Shropshire Way, looking back towards Shrewsbury


Wild ponies on the Long Mynd


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