Shrewsbury to Shadymoor 10.8 mls 972ft ascent. Miles so far 58.2   Leave a comment

Shrewsbury - Shadymoor

Back to walking today and last time we looked at the weather forecast for Wednesday it was atrocious with 4 lots of black clouds covering the whole of the daylight period. Luckily things seem to have improved overnight and although we set off with full waterproof gear it soon improved and actually, once again, got fairly warm in the sun. Glad to note that once we got south of Shrewsbury we noticed the Shropshire Way  signage improved immensely and a lot of the signposts were obviously new. Helen would also like to pass on her thanks to Shropshire Council for replacing all the stiles with kissing gates. (I would like to thank them as well because Helen hasn’t let me forget yet that there were over 40 stiles on our first day down Marches Way). The views are getting really good now with The Wrekin, Lawley and Caer Caradoc viewable in the distance over most of the route once we had got out of Shrewsbury itself.

Stopped for a very pleasant lunch at Lyth Hill country park. It was a strange sensation there because of the way the wind was blowing we could see all the cars on the A49 below us along with a couple of trains but didn’t hear a whisper from them. It was just like being in the future when all cars will hopefully be electric and silent.

Great B&B tonight at Shadymoor Farm. We had to ring them up a couple of days ago to tell them whether we preferred Venison, Pheasant, Duck or Pigeon for evening meal and we could picture him hunting our meal today as we were travelling. As it was we plumped for Pheasant and it was delicious, served with an exquisite marsala, blackberry and cream sauce. I could have ate the sauce straight out of the jug with a spoon and indeed took the chance to do so when he disappeared for a few minutes.

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Leaving Shrewsbury on the Shropshire Way

Lyth Hill Country Park


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