Shrewsbury ‘day off’   2 comments

Wood carving in the walled garden

A no walking day today but plenty to fill it up :-). Got packed up early, left the caravan site and headed for a Starbucks a few miles down the road where we relaxed with the morning papers and a cappuccino. It was interesting to watch the business men coming in, yabbing on their phones and then rushing off somewhere important :-). Once satiated we moved on from there to NT’s Attingham Park so that Helen could get some bowen treatment on a few aches and pains (a bowen practitioner lived in the Gamekeepers cottage) whilst I caught up with some emails and the like. (Looked into getting a spare key for the van as we couldn’t lay our hands on our spare just before we left last Thursday and we’ve been quoted over £200 by a Peugeot dealer !!!!). Took advantage whilst there to have lunch in the NT cafe, then a look around the walled garden, NT shop and NT secondhand bookshop. Mmmmmmm I just ‘lurve’ NT cafes, NT shops and NT secondhand book shops :-). Couldn’t believe how busy it was for a Tuesday, doesn’t anybody work anymore ?

Moved on from Attingham to our CL site in Shrewsbury and then went to watch a performance of ‘The Eva Cassidy Story’ at Theatre Severn in town. Bit of a disappointment this one as the girl playing Eva Cassidy wasn’t a great singer and it meant I couldn’t help thinking ‘ I don’t know why she got famous’ with that voice all the way through it.

Cheese & Leek pie at Attingam Park

Fishing on the Severn


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2 responses to “Shrewsbury ‘day off’

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  1. You’ve whetted my appetite Derek, it’s been years since I’ve been to Shrewsbury and I really must make plans to visit again.
    Sounds like an excuse for a little railway journey!

    • Hi Mervin,

      Thanks for your comments. Shrewsbury is always worth a visit in my book so get down to that train station 🙂

      PS, I’ve had a look at the ‘boxing angel’ and erm…… made him a little more respectable. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Cheers, Derek

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