Wem to Hadnall 8.4 mls Running Total 39.5 mls   Leave a comment

Wem to Hadnall

Seem to have got the email notification problem sorted out (no, I didn’t just switch it off and on again 🙂 ). Those of you who are now receiving notifications need to click on the title of the update to see the actual blog complete with photos. Those of you who haven’t signed up will find the new pages listed on the left hand side.

Anyway, set off this morning from Wem, after an excellent breakfast, in lousy weather (Helen chose this as one of her ‘days off’, I wonder why ?) but it soon dried up a bit even though it remained cold. I was very pleased when, before I left, the landlady asked if we had walked on any of the Shropshire Way yet and did we find the signposting very poor ?. It’s obviously not just us then and it appears it’s a bit of a sore point with the locals.Weather cleared a little just as I was getting to Corbet Wood and I stopped in a lovely spot for a slurp of coffee. Very much reminded me of the wooded bits of the Sandstone Trail albeit it on a much smaller scale. Once out of the woods I was battling sleet and hail showers again but still enjoying the fact that I was able to stretch my legs and the area is completely new to me. All to soon I could spot Hadnall on the horizon and once there texted Helen to see where she was up to in the van. ‘ I’m on the campsite, ‘ I’ll come out and meet you ‘ she said. Then the heavens opened once again and I soon got another saying ‘ you’re on your own ‘ :-). Arrived at the van by 13:30 to a nice freshly prepared ‘cup a soup’.

Entering Corbet Wood

Another hailstorm on it's way


A typical Shropshire Way path, (no, I can't see it either 🙂 )


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