Whitchurch to Wem 12.5mls 287ft, 31.1 miles so far   3 comments

Whitchurch to Wem

It appears that our faithful followers aren’t receiving emails when I update this blog. You’ll have to bear with me as it’s the first time I’ve tried this sort of thing and I’m trying a different method today in the hope that we can sort that one out.

First thing to ask is how many of you spotted my obvious mistake yesterday ? I wasn’t actually in Cheshire, I was in Shropshire, so it was an archetype Shropshire countryside I was blathering on about. (I bet most of you spotted it. I hope you realise I was awake at 04:11 this morning worrying about it 🙂 )

Helen back with us today and it was only supposed to be 10.5 miles but due to a few wrong turns (and some very poor signposting on the Shropshire Way I might add) we ended up doing 12.5 miles instead. All good experience but I’m not entirely sure Helen would concur. Glad to say weather was far better than the BBC had us believe and we got away with just a few short lived showers.

Arrived in Wem about 16:00 to be met by Jill and Mal (and Charlie), a couple of very good friends from my JCB days who, after a quick half of Hobgoblins from the local hostelry, very kindly then gave us a lift back to Whitchurch to collect the van. Stopping in Aston Lodge B&B tonight in Wem just 2 minutes away from the Albion Inn who do a very good nut cutlet indeed.

Boxing Angel spotted in disused garage


We've arrived in Wem, along with our good friends Jill and Mal !


Posted March 3, 2012 by derektruby in Travel

3 responses to “Whitchurch to Wem 12.5mls 287ft, 31.1 miles so far

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  1. I remember working in Wem during my years at the OS, we spent 3 days there whilst we surveyed the Wem/Shrewsbury area, happy memories from that trip spent with Bob who you met when you visited us last time. You are making good progress, keep it up and let’s hope the weather stays fine!

    • Hi Both,

      Only just realised we can reply to the comments so catching up with the earlier ones. This was you and Bob Fleming was it ? Glad we bought back some good memories for you. I would just like to point out that the the maps were spot on even though the signposting was lacking so obviously the OS surveyors did an excellent job 🙂

      Take care and see you on the 15th / 16th April

      Derek & Helen x

  2. Must have missed the Whitchurch to Wem section. Happy Birthday Helen if its not too late!

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